Digital Medium

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Digital Medium 2.0 is now live

The Digital Medium is a digitally mediated experience of reading the rune stones (in this case, the Elder Futhark), a form of divination. It explores elements of divination as translation, as well as translation through the medium of the internet. Divination is a way of seeing the beyond, something just outside of human knowledge but not outside the human experience. In divination, a querent brings their question to an Oracle or divining tools — in this case, the runes.

Manipulating the rune stones offers insight in the form of predetermined, symbolic meaning. Divination of this kind doesn’t tell the querent anything they don’t already know. Even if it seems the runes’ message is prophetic, the querent translates that message into something that they understand, something that holds a bearing on their life. In the act of divining messages from the runes, the querent uses the prescribed, set meanings of the symbols and ‘remixes’ them into a new meaning. They translate them through their own life experiences.

The Digital Medium attempts to explore how we use the internet as a tool for divination, manipulating searches and websites to discover things about ourselves that we already know. We turn to it for answers, to solidify our beliefs, to prove our points, to bolster our doubt — all things we turn to divination and spiritual practice for as well. Like a querent translating and remixing the meanings of symbols, the internet is a world of constant remix.

You can visit the beta version of the Digital Medium site for a reading  or try the newer Digital Medium 2.0 (it’s still a work in progress)